Effective Production Rate Estimation Using Daily Work Report (DWR) Data

Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) currently uses the AASHTOWare – SiteManager that includes daily work reports for more than 700 completed projects. The daily work reports include various project characteristics information, daily quantity of work accomplished for each work item, start and end date of each work item, labor and equipment usage information, weather, etc. This rich data set can be used to estimate realistic production rates of major work items. Also, this digital data set can be used to identify the actual sequence of work items (activities). MDT is transitioning from SiteManager to a web based AASHTOware Project Construction and Materials. The digital data required for production rate estimation in the new web-based system will still be accessible and available. The proposed project will apply powerful data analytics to the historical daily work reports and develop a Montana specific production rate estimation system. This tool is expected to significantly improve the accuracy and reliability of contract time determination. The results of this project will be immediately available and used by MDT schedulers, resident engineers and contractors.