2304 - Rehabilitation for the Bridge Approach Slab of the Blue River Site Using Precast Concrete Pavement

Field observations performed at the Blue River site on US-70 in Bryan County Oklahoma revealed that serious settlement issues have occurred at the junction between the bridge approach slab (BAS) and the oncoming lanes of asphalt pavement. Other concerning problems worth noting; site grading concentrated runoff flows at the portland cement concreter/asphalt concrete (PCC/AC) transition; longitudinal cracking; deteriorated joint sealant; differential settlement discovered at the connection between the BAS structure and the attached wing walls; water stains found at the face of the abutment wall. The research team decided to perform rehabilitation for the distressed BAS and asphalt pavement section based on, and following, the design guideline developed for recently completed research project SP&R item number 2265, “Precast Prestressed Concrete Pavement to Abate Settlement Problems Under Bridge Approach Slabs”. The performance of design solutions through field instrumentation and monitoring will be evaluated which will help to further reassess and modify the design guideline. The research team will perform instrumentation and data collection for the BAS structure for analyzing the performance of the structure. A final report containing detailed information of the construction and evaluation of the performance of the structure will be presented at the end of the project.