Validating the Effects of Collaborative Partnering on Major Capital Projects

In recent years, the construction industry has moved away from the master builder concept to a highly diverse set of participants providing the special focused services necessary to design and build any major capital project. The resulting industry make up of highly specialized firms and narrowly defined roles and responsibilities has led to a fracturing of the capital project process, and a reliance on litigation to resolve the inevitable differences that occur with this approach. In present times, it is not at all unusual to find projects fraught with change orders, claims and lawsuits (in many cases before the project is even complete). A process known as Collaborative Partnering provides a framework for communication and problem solving with the goal of win/win outcomes. The partnering process aims to foster a team environment where challenges are addressed as a group and disputes are resolved early, ultimately yielding a positive impact on project measures such as cost, schedule, contract change orders, claims, safety and quality.