The Impact of Residential Location, Lifestyles and Emerging Technologies on the Travel Behavior and Vehicle Ownership of Young Adults (“Millennials”) in California

To investigate this topic, this study builds on an existing National Center for Sustainable Transportation/California Department of Transportation (NCST/Caltrans) research project which funded an ambitious data collection on Millennials’ personal preferences, lifestyles, residential location, adoption of technology, car ownership, travel behavior (by different transportation modes) and future aspirations to purchase a vehicle, from a sample representative of the population of young adults (aged 18-34) and a control group comprising members of the previous Generation X (aged 35-50) in California. As part of this study, the project will analyze the collected data, integrate additional information available from other sources (e.g. the land use characteristics of where Millennials live), and develop statistical analyses of Millennials’ travel behavior, car ownership and future propensity towards mobility.