Investigating Relationships Between Highway System Performance and Transit System Management

The purpose of this project is to enhance the Transit Facility section of the Transportation Concept Report (TCR) guidelines. The project will select a San Francisco Bay Area highway corridor (within District 4) that presently has public transportation (i.e., buses) options that influence highway system performance. A “sketch” level transit planning tool, (e.g., spreadsheet analysis) will be developed to determine (score) the effects of transit on highway system performance. This may include transit indicators such as service quality (speed, reliability); transit ridership (passenger miles or mode share); and mode shifts or automobile travel reductions. The selected corridor will be evaluated, analyzed, and conceptually developed to transform the corridor into a transit priority corridor. The transit priority corridor plan will provide California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) with additional transit elements to incorporate into the TCR guidelines for future TCR development. The researcher should conduct the research from the perspective that Caltrans is responsible for future highway corridor planning, and transit services are an important element that influences highway system performance.