Omni-directional Hysteretic p-y Models for Piles Embedded in Cohesive Soils

The newly developed performance-based seismic design methodologies require accurate estimates of the lateral displacements of a structure, because lateral drift is related directly to the serviceability and safety performance criteria. To achieve a better prediction of engineering demand parameters under various seismic hazard levels or limit states, nonlinear time-history analyses are required. Highway bridges need to maintain functionality after the occurrence of catastrophic earthquake events. The reliability of predictions obtained through nonlinear time-history analyses depends largely on the correct and accurate modeling of the structural features (e.g., curved decks, skewed abutments, uneven column heights, etc.), on the proper selection of the input ground motion records (such that they are representative of the future earthquakes at the specific site of the bridge), and on the accurate consideration of the soil-structure interaction (SSI) effects.