PPRC14 SPE 4.57: Guidelines for Preservation Treatments for Bicycle Routes

Use results of recent cyclist comfort study for chip seal textures to test more California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) treatments for texture, and prepare guidelines for selection of preservation treatments that can be used on bicycle routes on state highways. The specific task objectives of this project are: (1) texture and roughness measurement for different preservation treatments to establish the typical ranges of texture and roughness for different preservation treatments; the correlations between pavement texture, megatexture, and treatment specifications; and the correlations between pavement roughness and distresses; (2) long-term monitoring of texture and roughness change for different treatments; (3) conduct bike use survey with better samples to cover a wide range of riders, bike types and treatment textures and international roughness index (IRI); (4) establish the correlations between texture, roughness, bicycle vibration, and consequent ride quality in the field and laboratory; (5) develop improved models to characterize the impact of texture, roughness, and vibration on bicycle ride quality; and (6) develop guidelines for design of preservation treatments for bicycle routes on state highways and local streets.