Generation-2 Bridge Fragility Relationships - Production Analytical Components

Given the positive feasibility findings in phase-1 (T1775), phase-2 (T1780) will conduct production analyses and optimization needed to produce a comprehensive set of g2F fragility relationships for the most concrete bridge types in California Department of Transportations' (Caltrans') inventory. Using techniques piloted under T1755, suites of non-linear time-history analyses will be performed for ~500 g2F-based representative bridge classes to yield probabilistic seismic demand models (PSDM’s) for a variety of engineering parameters (e.g. column ductility, joint displ., etc.). Adjustment factors for bridge skew and support-height uniformity will also be developed. PSDM’s will be combined with CT-provided capacity models to yield both ‘component’ and ‘system’ level fragility models for up to 4 damage states which can be immediately deployed in ShakeCast v3. All work is periodically reviewed by a panel of CT seismic experts.