Field Testing of the Snowplow Driver Assistance System

This task will evaluate a global positioning system (GPS) based Driver Assistance System (DAS) for 2 snowplows and 1 snowblower. This task is a follow up to task 2167 that ended on 8/30/2015. This task will complete the field testing of the DAS that was not finished in task 2167. The DAS has been installed on two snowplows and one snow blower that are used on the Donner Pass section of I-80. The system provides a high accuracy GPS map of the roadway that is displayed on a heads-up monitor. The monitor also displays vehicles picked up by forward looking radar installed on the front of the snowplow. Included are vibrating seats that let the driver know when the operator has traveled out of the lane. This system has the potential to be a valuable tool for snowplow operators during low visibility conditions.