Evaluation of Deicer Impacts on Pervious Concrete Specimens

There is strong evidence and instances that suggest certain deicing chemicals and salts can negatively affect pervious concrete and initiate a rapid degradation of the paste matrix, aggregate bonding, pavement durability and strength. Some initial research has been performed at Washington State University (WSU) to study this funded by the RMC Research & Education Foundation. The focus of this proposal is to (A) evaluate the chemical data from the initial experimental protocol, particularly for the MgCl2 testing series, and (B) to enhance the experiments with (1) additional testing of precipitates found in the specimens, (2) evaluation of wetted freezethaw cycles of chemical laden specimens and (3) the performance of split tensile testing on the specimens. The overall objective of the entire research endeavor is to initiate the development of testing protocols that others can use to compare various pervious concrete mixes and/or procedures to enhance resistance to deicer degradation, particularly calcium chloride and magnesium chloride