Development of a Pavement Design Handbook and an Interactive Pavement Preservation Guide for the Connecticut Department of Transportation

Connecticut Department of Transportation's (CDOT’s) continuing decline in workforce has resulted in an increased number of consultants submitting pavement designs to CTDOT. As a result, there is a need to have a single document (CTDOT Pavement Design Handbook) that specifies the standards and best practices adopted by CTDOT clearly defining expectations for designers. The handbook must outline design methods to use for pavement preservation, rehabilitation, and reconstruction of flexible, rigid, and composite pavement structures. It should also provide a preliminary list of supporting documents for designers to include in their design folders. Town engineers need guidance in their pavement designs as well. Hence, this handbook needs to serve effectively as a reference to provide consistency between the state and municipalities. In addition, specific to pavement preservation, the Pavement Preservation Decision Making Guide developed by CTDOT’s Pavement Management unit needs to be made more interactive, so it can become a useful tool for all of Connecticut’s roadway maintainers. Therefore, the objectives of this study are to: (1) Develop a pavement design handbook that combines relevant standards and CTDOT best practices into a single source that can be referenced in bid specifications and contracts. The main focus of the handbook will be in three design areas: Preservation, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction; and, (2) Develop an interactive Pavement Preservation Guide based upon the Pavement Preservation Decision Making Guide previously developed by CTDOT’s Pavement Management Unit as a cell phone app or a computer program. The Interactive Guide will process inputs such as surface type, pavement depth, traffic conditions and types and severities of distresses observed in the pavement and then present the appropriate treatment options following the same logic as in the written guide.