Facilitating the New Statewide GIS Metadata Standard Through Training and Outreach

Under the supervision of the North Carolina Geographic Information Coordinating Council (NCGICC) and SMAC (Statewide Mapping Advisory Committee), an ad hoc metadata committee defined and developed a State and Local Government Metadata profile for geographic information system (GIS) data intended for use in North Carolina. This standard is based on the ISO 191** format and is an improvement over prior metadata standards to account for evolving technologies such as remotely sensed imagery, online services and ontologies that did not exist when these original metadata standards were first published. It is necessary to educate all North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) GIS data users on the utility and application of this new GIS standard to ensure that information relating to a data set’s creation and administration is captured in a proactive, complete, uniform and timely manner. Under the direction of the NCDOT and NCGICC, the research team will work to help disseminate this metadata standard to the many developers and users of NCDOT GIS data and beyond through hands-on workshops, training tutorials and continued support of this metadata initiative.