North Carolina License Plate Production

Presently, systems and processes within NC Division of Motor Vehicles (NCDMV) follow a disaggregated and decentralized organizational structure. Request for these plates occur across the state at the various License Plate Agencies (LPA) offices, which are almost exclusively privately owned and managed. These requests are then satisfied by the various LPA offices on the basis of the pre-supplied inventory by NCDMV. Such a disaggregated and decentralized system suffers from numerous shortcomings. There is a clear need for NCDMV to study an alternate process for the issuance and printing of registration plates in North Carolina where (i) the process of production of these plates follows a just-in-time paradigm and plates are produced as and when demanded by individual customers per their preferences and (ii) the issuance of these plates as well as the distribution follows a well-structured and centralized process that is coordinated and administered at NCDMV headquarters.