Implementation of FR SCC and FR SWC Phase II

The proposed study seeks to investigate key engineering and structural properties of fiber-reinforced self compacting concrete FR-SCC and fiber-reinforced super workable concrete (FR-SWC) for infrastructure repair and construction. FR-SCC is targeted for repair of sub-structure elements, while the FR-SWC is targeted for construction operations. The expected result from this study will be guidelines and performance-based specifications for the evaluation, selection, and specification of FR-SCC for infrastructure repair of bridge substructures and FR-SWC for the construction of bridge substructure and superstructure elements. Quarterly Progress (Apr-Jun 2016): The Task Order was executed by Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) on July 8, 2016. Federal Regulations changed on June 30, 2016, which has caused a change in the F&A rate to go from 52.5% to 55%. This change will be documented via a letter that includes a new budget document. There will not be a formal supplemental agreement executed.