Active Transportation Accounting: Developing Metrics for Project Prioritization

Despite growing interest and momentum in enhancing active transportation, little weight is currently given to active transportation projects. New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) projects for infrastructure improvements are largely evaluated based on a suite of criteria that gives little recognition to the impacts of active transportation. This is largely due to the lack of sufficient data. In order to identify key areas for active transportation enhancement, to justify investment, and to measure success, it is necessary to understand where and when people are participating in active transportation (e.g. bicycling). The proposed project will yield a suite of products that include a conceptual framework to enhance NHDOT’s capacity to accurately evaluate active transportation activity and project proposals, data-driven metrics for project prioritization and effective assessment, maps, thematic case study assessments, and technical geographic information system (GIS) tools to automate summary of current and future Strava datasets. When considered collectively, this project is expected to improve active transportation accounting during project selection, monitoring, and evaluation which will ultimately lead to a more sustainable transportation network in New Hampshire.