Verification and Implementation of Set-up Empirical Models in Pile Design

The primary objectives of this research project are to perform static and dynamic load tests on new instrumented test piles to deeply understand the set-up mechanism for individual soil layers, verify and recalibrate the developed empirical set-up models for piles driven in soft cohesive soils for use during design phase and construction phase, and develop an analytical model or methodology to estimate the duration of main-set-up due to consolidation and thixotropy effects. In addition to the aforementioned primary objectives the minor objectives that will be addressed will be to develop an analytical model to predict spatial distribution of excess pore water pressure in the remolded zone due to pile driving, establish a relationship between the vertical shaft displacement (z) from instrumented test piles and the associated shear resistance (t) by analyzing the sister bar strain gage data for instrumented test piles, the measurements of bottom strain gage of the instrumented test piles and develop a method to predict the pile tip load (q) at an axial tip displacement (z), and calculate the total and effective stress parameters (adhesion factor, a, and effective stress parameter, B).