A New Vehicle Concept To Provide Better Rapid Transit At Reduced Cost (Phase 1)

The initial phase of this planned multi-stage research project is aimed at achieving the following objectives regarding the slim-modular-flexible-electric-bus rapid transit (SMFe-BRT) concept and the SMFe-bus vehicle: (1) Demonstrate a higher benefit-to-cost ratio for the SMFe-BRT approach compared to the existing BRT approach (e.g., using Cobb County's BRT proposal and Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority's (MARTA's) GA 400 Transit Initiative's BRT option as case studies), and determine infrastructure design and operational feature requirements; (2) Develop two-wheel-drive prototype lead and follower SMFe-bus modules with 10 hp motors and 60 Ah battery pack, capable of speeds greater than 15 mph; and (3) Demonstrate straight-line following by the two-module prototype SMFe-bus at 15 mph within an 8 ft wide path, and also proper tracking of 90-degree cornering at 4 mph within the swept path of a 40 ft city transit bus.