Clear Roads: Identification and Recommendations for Correction of Equipment Factors Causing Fatigue in Snowplow Operators

Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) requests responses which identify and make recommendations on how to correct equipment factors that cause fatigue in snowplow operators. This project has been developed by the Clear Roads national winter maintenance research program (TPF-5(218)), which is funded by 30 state departments of transportation (DOTs). Clear Roads will fund and oversee the contract for this project in coordination with Minnesota. A recent Clear Road study (11-05: Environmental Factors Causing Fatigue in Snowplow Operators) investigated the environmental factors that contribute to fatigue in snowplow operators (such as long hours and lack of sleep) and recommended low-cost solutions for mitigating these factors. Operator fatigue can be a significant problem, resulting in higher accident rates, lower productivity and health issues. This related study will focus on identifying and mitigating the equipment factors on snowplows that can cause operators to become fatigued due to excessive stress or strain. It should be reinforced that this project will investigate the equipment elements within a cab and on the outside of a cab of vehicles used for snowplow operations and not commercial vehicle operations.