Nebraska Specific Slope Design Manual

Nebraska experiences a good number of landslides, and many of these landslides are concentrated on road side slopes (Eversoll, 2013). These road side slides are concentrated particularly on East and North East Nebraska (Eversoll, 2013). These landslides cause safety issues to traffics and substantial extra burden to maintenance division. Since the same design standard has been used but the landslides are concentrated in certain areas, there must be localized reason(s) why. Based on geological observation of Eversoll (2013) and Lindemann (2015), East Nebraska has thick deposits of glacial tills overlain by either Peoria Loess or Loveland Loess, and North East Nebraska has shales and loess. Additionally, a substantial amount of precipitation is concentrated on East Nebraska along the Missouri River. Therefore a proper consideration of geological/geotechnical conditions will lead to a more reliable slope design and retrofitting techniques.