Safety Assessment of Freeway Active Traffic Management by Exploring the Relationship between Safety, Congestion and Weather

The goal of this project is to evaluate the safety effectiveness of Active Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) featuring Visual Attention Software (VAS) in a real-time way. The real-time safety assessment helps create ATMS operation strategies not only based on traffic performance, but also based on safety performance because many systems are deployed with safety as a primary objective. It also helps assess the ATMS safety effects before the deployment and during the operation, not only after several years of operation with historical crash data. It is anticipated that the proposed methods can be used for ATMS implementation across the state. Towards that goal, the research objectives are as follows: (1) achieve real-time assessment by using real-time data, such as at 5-minute intervals, including traffic operation, crash and weather data.; (2) create statistical models by exploring the relationship between safety, congestion and weather; (3) explore transferability so the proposed methods can be used at other places; (4) develop a prototype and a user’s guide for easily use; and (5) prepare guidance and recommendations for implementations.