Adjusting Asphalt Mixes for Increased Durability and Implementation of a Tester to Evaluate Fatigue Cracking of Asphalt Concrete

This research has five major objectives: (i) compare the results of direct tension fatigue (DT), indirect tensile (IDT), semi-circular bending (SCB), and beam fatigue tests using various energy and fatigue life parameters to determine how well they agree; (ii) investigate the effectiveness of each test for identifying and impact of polymer modification, recycled asphalt content, compaction level, aggregate properties, and binder contents on mixture cracking performance; (iii) investigate the effectiveness of each test in predicting in-situ cracking performance; (iv) evaluate the tests for time, cost, efficiency, complexity, and practicality for use in district and contractor laboratories in Oregon; and (v) investigate the effects of aggregate properties, volumetrics, binder content, air void content and binder grade on durability to provide recommendations to the Contractor Mix Design Guidelines.