Development of Titanium Seismic Retrofits for Deficient Concrete Columns

Hundreds of bridges in the Oregon bridge inventory are supported on seismically deficient reinforced concrete columns. These columns are expected to perform poorly during a seismic event. To prevent bridge collapses and ensure disaster response and recovery after an earthquake, the deficient structural details need to be effectively retrofitted. A research program is proposed to develop seismic retrofits for nonductile rectangular reinforced concrete (RC) columns using high-strength titanium alloy bars. The objectives of the proposed research project are to: (1) Establish the structural effectiveness of titanium alloy bars for seismic retrofitting RC columns (2) Determine the economic feasibility of the retrofit methods (3) Develop analytical models to describe the behavior and performance of retrofitted nonductile RC columns (4) Develop design methods that can be used to achieve desired seismic performance for nonductile RC columns