Systemic Low Cost Countermeasures for an Unsignalized Intersection Safety Improvement Plan for Virginia

This project will be undertaken to develop a statewide safety improvement plan for the Virginia Department of Transportation for unsignalized intersections in the Commonwealth through deployment of low-cost, high-benefit systemic countermeasures. A “systemic approach” to implementing safety countermeasures addresses the primary crash types in a particular geographic area and/or road system, not just at individual high‐crash spot locations. The scope of this project will be focused on unsignalized intersections with stop controlled on the minor approaches. The researchers will perform an assessment of Virginia’s 80,000 unsignalized intersection crashes over a five-year period to determine predominant crash trends and crash types at these locations. Based on this assessment, the researchers will identify a list of systemic countermeasures that could be deployed to target those specific collision types and patterns.