Evaluating Cell Phone Data for AADT Estimation

The primary objective of this project is to evaluate the accuracy of Streetlytics volume counts and to make a recommendation as to whether the State of Louisiana can adopt this tool to provide accurate average annual daily traffic (AADT) for all its roadways, including state and non-state roads. Specifically, the main objectives are to conduct a review of Streetlytics to include a comprehensive detail of the capabilities of the tool, and how it can benefit the State of Louisiana; develop a list of roadways, both state and non-state, within Baton Rouge, for which there are available traffic counts for the most part; develop a suitable sample size based on statistical methods to include all functional classification, rural vs. urban, state vs. non-state, with vs. without direct interstate access; obtain Streetlytics volume counts for the selected sample; obtain corresponding traditional volume counts for the selected sample; undertake comparative analysis to evaluate accuracy of Streetlytics volume counts, using traditional counts as ground truth; and make a recommendation on whether Streetlytics can provide volume counts for the State of Louisiana based on the results obtained for Baton Rouge and whether it offers more value (i.e. benefit/cost) than undertaking manual counts.