Quality Management of Cracking Distress Survey in Flexible Pavements using LTRC Digital Highway Data Vehicle

The objectives of this study include primary objectives and secondary objectives. The primary objectives are to compare and validate cracking survey results from Louisiana Transportation Research Center (LTRC) data collection system and Louisiana current contracted application on the selected flexible pavements sites; to investigate the feasibility of the conversion of the existing pavement management system (PMS) cracking data to comply with the definition of the cracking in mechanistic-empirical (M-E) Pavement Design Guide; and to recommend a cracking analysis procedure for flexible pavement in compliance with the definition in M-E Design Pavement Guide using Digital Highway Data Collection System. The secondary objectives are to conduct coring at the selected flexible pavement sites to differentiate the top-down cracking and bottom up cracking; and to compare the 3-D cracking data retrieved from the PMS database with 2-D results from this study.