Developing Best Practices for On Site Production and Placement of Cement Stabilized Crushed Stone Base Course Material

Crushed Stone Cement Stabilized Base Course (CSCSBC) is an engineered aggregate used at ARDOT due to its high density for structural stability. The current specifications for the use of this material are out of date and vague, and field best practices are needed to ensure that a uniform high quality material will obtained on each job site. The objectives of this study are: 1) Develop best practices for production, placement, and testing of CSCSBC material in the field. 2) Perform a cost analysis on the technique using variability in the production and placement methods. This work plan will include performing a literature review of journal articles, books, and technical reports. After reviewing other DOT's procedures dealing with CSCSBC, new best practices will be developed. Development of maturity meters to measure the strength of CSCSBC and methods of transporting cores from field-to-lab are keys for this project.