Freight Data Fusion from Multiple Data Sources for Freight Planning Applications in Florida

In the research, Freight Analysis Framework (FAF) data,Transearch and American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) data products developed from a previous project (BDK84-977-20), including truck origin and destination (OD) flows, truck trip database of truck trips within into and out of Florida, and truck trip routes will be employed. The purpose of this study is to combine different data sources, particularly FAF, Transearch data on commodity flows, ATRI data products to bring together the strengths and fill the gaps in different data with the following objectives: 1. Develop and implement continually useable processes to disaggregate FAF data and fuse with Transearch and ATRI products that can be employed by Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) with future data releases (e.g. FAF) and purchases (e.g. Transearch). The process will generate disaggregate future forecasts relying only on FAF data releases. 2. Employ FAF future year data - for 2015, 2020, 2025, 2030, 2035 and 2040 -to generate Transearch like and ATRI Iike products based on the disaggregation processes developed 3. An algorithm will be developed for empty truck trip flows (i.e., no. of empty truck back­ hauls) between different origins and destinations within, into, and out of Florida at the newest statewide traffic analysis zone (STAZ) and County level. The research team will illustrate the approach developed by executing policy scenario analysis using products from the project team's research