Development of Performance Curves for Composite Pavements in PMS

Due to their high performance, composite pavements have been used by highway agencies as a cost-effective alternative for high traffic volume roadways. In the North Carolina Department of Transportation Pavement Management System (NCDOT PMS), however, a function to allow engineers to select the composite pavement as the best pavement alternative for a particular project is lacking. The reason is that, historically, composite pavements have been classified as conventional asphalt pavements in North Carolina, even though these two types of pavements probably perform differently. This study will be conducted to address this issue. Researchers will identify composite pavement sections in the PMS, develop distress models and performance models for composite roadway families, and determine threshold values that can trigger appropriate treatments. The findings of this study will enable researchers to build a composite pavement branch that can be added to the existing decision trees. This new branch, together with the existing asphalt and jointed concrete pavement (JCP) branches, will provide engineers with a wider selection of pavement types and allow them to recommend appropriate treatments for maintenance and rehabilitation activities.