Premature Failure of Concrete Patching - Reasons and Resolutions

The performance of concrete patches in jointed and continuously reinforced concrete pavement varies from less than a year to many years. The objective of this study is to determine what causes these repairs to fail, which may include: (1) Failure to accurately delineate and remove deteriorated concrete adjacent to area being patched; (2) Damage to concrete adjacent to patch during concrete removal (possibly because of use of heavy equipment); (3) Cutting steel and inadequate splicing of steel; (4) Improper base preparation, including provision for drainage when needed; (5) Poor concreting practice; (6) Use of concrete high early-strength mixtures opened to traffic in five to six hours; and (7) Failure to assess overall pavement condition, which may warrant more substantial rehabilitation than patching. Based on the findings, recommendations will be made, if warranted, to modify the Virginia Department of Transportation's "Special Provision for Patching Hydraulic Cement Concrete Pavement."