Evaluation of Porometry, Permeability and Transport of Structural Concrete

Concrete is a durable material, and if properly designed, produced and constructed, concrete is capable of providing adequate performance within structures for decades. Durability of concrete is one of the most important design parameters with respect to performance based specifications and the prediction of the life cycle of concrete structures. The proposed research will investigate the use of the mercury intrusion porometry testing as it relates to transport methods within concrete and cementitious materials for the prediction of behavior of long-term durability. The research project utilizes materials used in Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)-specified mixture designs. Relationships between physical durability testing, and virtual modeling (VCCTL) will be studied. The main objective of the research is to utilize using mercury intrusion porometry, to develop methods, precision, and limitations relating to intelligent portland cement concrete mix design, using raw materials typically used in FOOT mix designs.