Development of Public Right of Way Accessibility Guideline (PROWAG) Resource Material

The main goal of this research project is to develop resource materials on providing accessibility to the public right-of-way by collecting and organizing resource materials on accessibility of public right of way (ROW) to ensure public works projects are built to meet the most current accessibility guidelines. To accomplish this critical goal, the research objectives of this project are: (1) Conduct a comprehensive literature review to gather and analyze the most current resource materials and best practices on public rights-of-way accessibility guidelines (PROWAG) from other agencies and organizations. (2) Recommend content for PROWAG on an Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) website that will include information on and links to PROWAG frequently asked questions, resource links, standards, policy, grievance procedures, and contacts. (3) Develop Illinois specific materials for a field guide that will include a reference manual and best practices for designers and field staff to ensure that Illinois transportation facilities in the public right-of-way are readily accessible to and usable by people with disabilities. The field guide will cover all related transportation and pedestrian facilities such as sidewalks, pedestrian access route, pedestrian street crossings, pedestrian refuge islands, curb ramps, detectable warning surfaces, pedestrian signals, transit stops, and on-street parking. (4) Create e-learning modules for IDOT ADA/PROWAG classroom training that will convert and expand existing Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)/PROWAG classroom training offered by IDOT's Technology Transfer Center to an e-learning format for hosting on IDOT's learning management system. The e-learning modules will cover all related PROWAG topics including awareness, transition plan, technical requirements, designing accessible ROW, constructing accessible ROW, and maintaining accessible ROW. (5) Identify additional instructors for IDOT ADA/PROWAG training that will be selected either internally from IDOT or from outside sources including academia and/or industry. (6) Develop recommendations and final report to provide guidance to IDOT on improving compliance with applicable public rights-of-way accessibility guidelines to maximize compliance and avoid potential penalties due to non-compliance.