NCSU-BAE - NCDOT Research and Training Partnership

North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) would place an NCDOT-funded position, with portions of support staff (including a graduate student) at North Carolina State University Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering (NCSU-BAE to assist NCDOT with five programatic topics. The first topic is to Continually Manage/Conduct 4 Applied Research Projects. The second topic includes assisting the Department with Vision Planning. Assist NCDOT with Design Specifications/ Standards/ Methods. The third topic is for use in the linear transportation environment and other NCDOT-managed properties. NCSU-BAE would facilitate North Carolina Division of Water Quality (NCDWQ's) incorporation into decision-making. Intended components of this include (1) effective compliance of NSW standards and (2) help NCDOT direct/write Stormwater Management Plans (SMPs). Conduct multiple NCDOT trainings. The fourth topic includes the development of a certification-program for NCDOT employees and (if desired) NCDOT contractors and Write State of Practice Report. The fifth topic would be an annual update of what NCDOT done based upon research + design specs (topics 1 and 2 above) as well as incorporate information on current national and eastern United States trends. The report serves to track internal and external NCDOT progress. Create & maintain NCDOT-NCSU website Total cost for this 23-month agreement is $220,781. The website would include certification information and the on-line test associated with the certification.