Implement the AASHTO 2002 Design Guide for MDOT

ERES Consultants Division of Applied Research Associates, Inc. is finalizing the development of the 2002 Guide for Design of New and Rehabilitated Structures through NCHRP Project 1-37A. The 2002 Guide incorporates mechanistic-empirical pavement design principles and allows highway agencies to develop cost-effective and reliable designs by systematically considering climate, material properties, construction variability, and traffic to predict pavement performance. This design process is a total departure from the process utilized in the current AASHTO design procedure, requiring the designer to make trial selection of materials and layer thicknesses and evaluating their performance under projected loadings over the design life of the pavement. The objective of this study is to implement the 2002 Design Guide for Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT.) The following issues will be addressed in this study: (1) provide for training of Design Guide users and other stakeholders; (2) develop and execute a plan for securing the appropriate design input data on material and traffic characterization, and other design inputs; (3) conduct sensitivity analyses and make comparisons of 2002 designs with current procedure; and (4) develop and execute a plan for calibration of Guide performance and distress models.