CSX Rail Trestle Conversion to ATV Trail for Hatfield McCoy

Abandoned rail lines are getting a new life as multipurpose rail-trails for activities such as bicycling, hiking, walking, and all terrain vehicle (ATV) use. The safety needs of trail users require engineering planning and maintenance. When a railroad abandons a line, it files an abandonment petition with the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC). The railroad may abandon a line with as little as 50 days' notice and can make two types of request: Public use condition request; For this type of request, the ICC requires the railroad to retain all real estate along the trail route and keep all suitable structures. This condition allows six months for negotiation of a purchase agreement. A problem that may occur is that owners of adjacent property may have "reversionary" rights to right-of-way properties. The second type of use is an Interim trail use, or rail-banking request; if an "entity" is willing to accept all responsibility for property to be abandoned, the ICC grants a "notice of interim trail use." Six months are allowed for negotiation of trail-use terms. Because this is not a legal abandonment, the property reversion condition is avoided. The purpose of this project is to allow a temporary conversion from rail to trail and engineer the bridge in such a way that CSX may take the bridge back for use at any time they wish. This project will initiate construction and improvement on currently abandoned CSX bridge in the town of Mann, West Virginia. This improvement will re-direct ATV traffic around the town where ATV traffic is currently a safety issue with residents as the users currently pass by their property on any given day close to their property. The implementation and use from a bridge to an ATV trail will create a more direct route to the Hatfield McCoy headquarters for its users, through creating easier access and a happier public. The renovation will include a removable surface and will also have barriers in the engineering design. The bridge design will have the capacity to be able to be converted back to its original integrity at any time