Best Practices for the Design, Evaluation, and Quality Control of High Percentage RAP Mixes

Using reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) in construction of new pavements has been a practice for decades. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and many state highway agencies have been pursuing usage of high percentage RAP content in asphalt mixes. Within the last decade, there has been a good amount of research and development on high percentage RAP asphalt mixes in terms of design, construction, and performance. The work proposed in this document includes investigating NCHRP Report 752 and its accompanying appendix on high percentage RAP mixes as well as other pertinent established documents on the usage of such mixes, and incorporating the results of such investigation into pertinent Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) documents. The work also includes investigating the work that has been conducted by the FHWA expert task group on evaluating high percentage RAP mixes regarding mix design, performance, and best management practices. The PennDOT documents that will be affected by these practices, at a minimum, include Publication 27, Publication 408, and Publication 2. The overall goal of the project is the adaptation and implementation of accepted best practices for mix design procedures and performance evaluation for higher percentage RAP mixes. The main objective of this work is to make necessary changes to PennDOT publications that will be affected by recently proposed practices by NCHRP Report 752 and its accompanying appendix on best RAP management practices.