Evaluating the Impact and Usefulness of Highway Advisory Radio and Citizens' Band Radio Advisory Systems in providing Travel Information and Improving the User Experience on the Florida Turnpike Enterprise's Toll Road Network & FIH System

The objectives of this project are to: (1) assess the extent of knowledge and familiarity with highway advisory radio (HAR) of the target audiences, SunPass customers, truck drivers, and tourists visiting Florida; (2) evaluate the satisfaction of SunPass customers, travelers throughout Florida, and truck drivers with HAR and its performance; (3) determine how HAR traveler information has affected travelers' route choices; (4) assess the knowledge and familiarity with CBRAS of truck drivers; (5) evaluate truck drivers' satisfaction with CBRAS and its performance; (6) assess usage of other existing traffic information systems such as dynamic message sighs (DMS), FL511.com, 511 Interactive Voice Response, 511 apps for iPhone and Android, Plaza Displays, and Media; and (7) understand how Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Districts value and utilize HAR along with perceived benefits from local emergency management agencies, and (8) Assess current practice of other state departments of transportation (DOTs) with the use (or no use) of HAR and CBRAS technologies and considerations of alternatives to HAR and CBRAS.