Transportation Impacts of Smart Growth Transit Oriented Development

MaineDOT has no empirical data about the benefits of Smart Growth and Transit Oriented Development on non-highway transportation systems and on air quality. There is no data for rural states. This one year study proposes to do "Scenario Planning" for 1 or 2 towns in southern or coastal Maine. This would be done using Comprehensive Plans, GIS, and traffic modeling. The idea is to develop different buildout scenarios for the Town 1. Assume buildout in the town is status quo based on historic land use patterns 2. Assume buildout in the town incorporates some Smart Growth principles and Transit Oriented Development 3. Assume buildout of the town aggressively incorporates Smart Growth principles and Transit Oriented Development. The idea is to place different hypothetical development in currently undeveloped portions of the town (including brownfields) for each scenario and then to estimate the impacts to vehicle miles traveled and also to transit , rail and ferries. For example, what if a vacant lot in town developed with high density housing adjacent to transit system instead of developing more culde sac single family homes. What impact would this have on VMT? What impact would it have on the demand for transit? What if more pedestrian facilities were implemented in town in conjunction with higher density housing?