Performance Based Electronic-Statewide Transportation Improvement Program

The study objective is to examine the different electronic-Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (e-STIP) practices that are currently in place, the key or applicable components in designing an operational e-STIP, the advantages and challenges in implementing an e-STIP, and the integration of performance management into the e-STIP. The study will help the States and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) determine what are the requirements and resources to implement an e-STIP or electronic Transportation Improvement Program (e-TIP) and the effort level needed to successfully manage and maintain an e-STIP. Task 4 of the project Identifies Components of the Transportation Planning Process to be Considered and Measured in the Programming Process. The Contractor shall research, review, and investigate performance measures that are built into the existing e-STIPs. But beyond that, the Contractor shall identify other possible performance measures that may be used to benchmark or to measure the performance of the transportation planning process and the transportation system. In addition to identifying the PMs, design how these data measures can be analyzed, summarized, and reported, to demonstrate in a consistent manner and to integrate them into the e-STIP.