Survey, Evaluation, and Long-Term Monitoring of the EDC GRS Abutment Performance for Multiple-Span CDOT Bridges Replacement Project

The Colorado Department of Transportation's (CDOT's) project to replace the twin bridges over the Union Pacific Railroad and Smith Road incorporates innovations that implement the Colorado Department of Transportation/Federal Highway Administration (CDOT/FHWA) mandate - EDC GRS (Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil) abutment technology. These twin bridges carry I-70 eastbound and westbound traffic on three-span horizontally curved steel welded-plate girder structures. The mid-span piers are founded on deep foundation; however, the GRS abutments are supported by spread footings and founded on embankments. This unique feature of a GRS transition zone, to a GRS abutment founded on an embankment (shallow foundation), to pier (deep foundation) is a new design methodology for eliminating bridge bumps. The objective of this study is to validate the performance of GRS abutment for multi-span bridges and the use of geofabric without positive connections to the fascia blocks for GRS retaining walls.