Georgetown Fuel Cell Transit Bus Program

The Fuel Cell Bus Initiative is a national program led by the Federal Transit Administration and under development with the transit and fuel cell communities to coordinate, consolidate, and rationalize the diverse efforts in fuel cell transit buses to enhance the acceleration of its commercial viability. The objective of the FTA Fuel Cell Transit Bus Program is to support the ongoing efforts of Georgetown University (GU) to conduct a program for the development of U.S. produced fuel cell propulsion systems for transit buses. The program will deliver the preliminary engineering and development activities necessary for the domestic, commercial production of fuel cell powered, full-sized transit buses. For FY 2001, funding is provided to support the design and construction of an Intermodal Fuel Cell Transit Bus Maintenance Facility at GU campus. The facility will support a commercially viable domestic fuel cell transit bus - designed and built under the FTA Fuel Cell Transit Bus Program. Six full-size, 50-foot maintenance bays will be built for fuel cell buses, equipped with lubrication systems, parts cleaning area, and safety equipment. The facility will house GU fuel cell buses, serve as a training and maintenance facility for transit operators, and provide a national model for fuel cell transit bus operation and maintenance. Fuel cell is one of the most promising clean energy technologies of the 21st century - environmentally friendly, reliable, quiet and highly efficient power system.