Anchorage Systems for Carbon-Fiber Composite Cable and Rods

Deterioration of constituent materials is a leading cause of structural deficiency in concrete bridges. Among the reasons is corrosion of the steel reinforcement. Since corrosion can have a critical impact on steel subjected to high levels of sustained stress, it is important to use corrosion-resistant material for prestressing strands. This project will investigate anchorage systems for carbon-fiber composite cables (CFCC) and pultruded carbon fiber rods. It will include carbon fiber reinforcement from various manufacturers to address the material variability. The study will provide guidelines for implementing corrosion-free prestressing strands in bridge elements where corrosion is a concern, since more robust anchorage systems for CFCC and carbon fiber rods are needed. The research team will explore test methods and prestressing anchorage systems and conduct an updated life-cycle cost analysis.