Evaluating Michigan Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Strategies and Facilities

The main goal of this study is to quantify the benefits of each of the 14 fixed weigh stations in Michigan; the cost of upgrading and maintaining these weigh stations; and the cost of using alternative solutions such as Wireless Weigh in Motion (WWIM), safe enforcement sites, Permanent Intermittent Truck Weigh Stations (PITWS). Specifically, the research has the following objectives: (1) Quantify the value of each fixed weigh station and selected virtual weigh stations (WWIM and safe enforcement site with a PITWS). (2) Perform a life cycle analysis of each fixed weigh station versus converting it to a virtual weigh station. Include pros and cons for each strategy. (3) Evaluate the use of alternative technologies to replace and/or enhance existing fixed weigh stations. (4) Evaluate the safety impacts of each enforcement strategy and perform a risk assessment in the event a weigh station is closed. The recommendations presented in this research are intended to serve as the necessary foundation to guide investment decisions in the infrastructure and facilities needed to efficiently and effectively provide commercial vehicle enforcement.