Sustainable and Livable Transportation Systems for Smart Growth: Linking Electric Vehicles to Adoption of Off-Peak Electricity Rates

This project looks to evaluate the economic and environment benefits that would accrue to Connecticut if utilization of all-electricity vehicles is linked to charging them during off-peak periods. Currently Connecticut consumers have a choice in electricity rate, either retaining a uniform rate of converting to peak and off peak electricity. This project proceeds on the basis of a proof of thesis that early adaptors of electric will, unlike other Connecticut households, have vested interests in switching to peak and off-peak rates; this switch will contribute to cleaner generation of electricity while curbing automotive emissions. The economic research involves sourcing data specific to Connecticut, understanding the main determinants and the extent of the incentives to switch to peak and off-peak pricing, assessing fueling options during peak demand for electricity, and establishing likely dynamic adjustments in electricity generation with commensurate impacts on improved air quality.