Effects of Private Transportation Improvements on Economic Development

The opportunities and effects of public-private or private-private partnerships for mobility improvements (including alternative fueled shuttles and intelligent transportation (IT) infrastructure) will be examined in this project. Their effects on local and regional economic development (including low income workers/households) will be assessed. The focus will be on South Atlanta and the region around the City of Hapeville where closure of the Ford Hapeville assembly plant has negatively impacted the local economy. The research team will partner with Ford Motor Company and a local development firm to study the extended benefits of an "Aerotroplis Atlanta" development planned for the site of the former Ford assembly plant. The study will assess the triple bottom line benefits of different mobility and transportation options for the site, surrounding neighborhoods, the adjacent Atlanta airport, and the regional transportation system, coupled with different energy generation and industrial co-location options. Increased understanding of such benefits will also impact developments at other former manufacturing sites.