How do Commuters React to a Temporary Freeway Closure? An Evaluation of the Fix I-5 Project in Sacramento, California

For the nine weeks of June and July, 2008, a one-mile stretch of Interstate 5 (I-5) in downtown Sacramento was intermittently closed for reconstruction. Among other evaluation efforts, this project conducted an internet survey of commuters potentially affected by the closure, with three key goals in mind: (1) to understand the extent and nature of the impacts on commuters; (2) to assess what commuters did in response; and (3) to monitor the persistence of any changes made during the Fix, after freeway operations returned to normal. The initial project budget permitted only descriptive tabulations and crosstabulations of the data, which are still underway. Here, we propose to extend the analysis to begin modeling the adoption of commute changes, and the intention to maintain those changes after the Fix was completed. Such models will provide a clearer picture of how multiple factors act together to increase or decrease the propensity to change. The results could help predict the impacts of future network disruptions of this nature, and will add to our understanding of the effects of programs promoting voluntary behavior change.