Development of a Comprehensive Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement Specification

The major goal of this study is to search and critically evaluate the literature to determine how the hot mix asphalt (HMA) quality characteristics can best be incorporated into the existing New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) HMA pavement specification to produce a comprehensive and effective multi-characteristic acceptance specification that can be easily understood and implemented. Particular attention will be paid to methods to develop a simple but scientifically-based performance-related pay adjustment methodology to produce a new specification that is practical and effective, fair to both the highway agency and the construction industry, and legally defensible. It is expected that successful completion of this project will significantly advance the asphalt technology development in New Jersey (NJ) and extend the service life of flexible pavements. The research team will perform a comprehensive literature review into any research or documents pertaining to quality assurance (QA) programs within and externally throughout the country. The team will them perform an assessment of New Jersey's current QA specifications by looking at actual pavements and their performances. After analysis and NJ specific considerations, the research team will submit a draft specification for discussion with NJDOT, which will then be evaluated through a pilot project system.