Field Operations for GPS assisted Winter Maintenance Vehicles

The objective of this task was revised based on interviews and discussions with the customers in December of 2010. The new description is as follows. Research and development for avalanche sensing, prediction, and detection. Evaluate related state-of-the-art and commercial systems. For promising commercial systems, provide guidance and assistance to Caltrans maintenance for site and operation-specific deployment. Sensing regimes to be investigated are expected to include snow depth across avalanche start zone, water content across avalanche start zone, snow movement in start zones. Additional sensing regimes and technologies will be investigated based on results from our review. Identify most promising existing prediction, sensing, and detection models; update / enhance these models if warranted. Instrument one key District 10 avalanche zone (e.g. "The Spur"), collect data for one snow season. Note that procurement of system(s) will be limited by currently available resources. Correlate data with prediction, sensing, and detection models.