Rural Transportation Research, Development, and Accelerated Deployment Phase I

Currently, there is no consistent formal method of cooperation among ALL Caltrans (not just COATS stakeholders) district customers, sponsoring organizations, and universities for advanced rural transportation technology research and technology transfer. There is a need for accelerated deployment of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) to address driver behavior, safety, operations, and maintenance through improved documentation of systems for replication in Caltrans Districts with similar challenges. There is also a need to assess the opportunities to improve driver simulation capabilities and coordination between the Western Transportation Institute and Caltrans. The Western Transportation Institute (WTI), Montana State University-Bozeman (MSU) proposes a collaborative project that proposes to enable WTI and Caltrans to continue its efforts to improve the safety and efficiency of rural transportation facilities, enhance the mobility of rural travelers, and conserve the ecological well being of the environment through which those transportation systems move.