Automated Safety Warning System Controller Phase II: Enhancements and Field Tests

Automated warning systems are not a new concept within the transportation community. There are several projects on the state highway that use the concept of a roadway sensor initiating some type of motorist warning. To date, all of these systems are unique implementations that use one-of-a-kind software for control. The system controller is a custom device which can only be used with that particular project's physical and electrical layout. The department has benefited from a standardized approach to individual field elements such as CMS, EMS and detection loops. A standardized automated warning system controller, which controls standardized field elements in a system environment, has not been developed to date. Focus on enhancements that are necessary based on results of Phase I. Deploy enhanced controller at existing field sites as well as other test sites throughout state. Evaluate enhanced controller based on rigorous testing criteria. Begin institutional policy change to garner statewide support for controller. Software and hardware documentation.