SAFE TRIP-21: Networked Traveler (65A0343) - Formerly Known as Connected Traveler

This research technical agreement continues from the existing work under the Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways (PATH) Task Order 6615. It addresses the field test elements of the Caltrans-US DOT cooperative agreement for Safe Trip-21 research award and therefore builds upon the technical foundation - using smart phones to deliver critical safety and mobility information. [PATH Task Order 6615 contained two components: (i) The PATH component will address transformation of Group-Enabled Mobility and Safety (GEMS) and the VII California testbed applications to the ITS World Congress, then begin conduct of field tests in California after the World Congress; and (2) The California Center for Innovative Transportation (CCIT) component will address the first several tasks in implementing the Mobile Millennium testbed and experiment.] This task will evaluate smart phones to determine if they can help people drive more safely. The work conducted is a direct continuation of the Networked Traveler work begun under Task Order 6615. This task will further develop and test current smart phone technologies including: (a) delivering to drivers multiple safety services via global positioning system (GPS)-equipped cell phones, and (b) providing transit data for traffic and transit riders, connectivity information by smart phones.